Concept: This space features high ceilings and a communal dining arrangement. This space invites a combination of food, celebration and art and provides a welcoming atmosphere for interactions among guests.

Challenge: The lighting of this space needed to encourage people to interact with one another and emphasize the shared environment created by both the architectural design and communal dining arrangement.  

Solution: The RTLD team’s architectural lighting design utilized a dynamic LED light system in which the light’s changed color throughout the day and blended with the artistic elements of the interior design. Pendants Cylinder light fixtures were used to emphasize the table’s geometrical lines within the open space. Direct narrow beams highlighted the colorful Asian food served on the dark-toned table. Higher levels of light were implemented within the working areas for the chefs, enabling guests to peek into the vivacious activities of the open kitchen.   






Israel, Kfar Saba


Client: Zozobra

Architect/Designer: Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

PHOTO: Amit Geron

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