Zepra Restaurant

Concept: This T-shaped space was created by the architect based on the concept of a daytime and nighttime axis that both complement each other and differentiate the various areas of the restaurant. 

Challenge: The architectural lighting design required the integration of a variety of different materials, colors and emotions. This included a combination of light that complements crispy, colorful food, while gently integrating the fresh light emanating from the green-apple color of the kitchen.

Solution: The RTLD team created a plan that highlighted the "crispy temptations” featured in each meal through the use of halogen beams over the tables’ center areas. Decorative light fixtures hang from the ceiling, giving each table unit an intimate ambience. Warm colored-light along the daytime axis shifts gently, together with the color of the walls, as the visual design elements move towards the nighttime axis.






Israel, Tel Aviv


Client: Zepra Restaurant

Architect/Designer: Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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