YOO Tower

Concept: YOO Towers is an elegant pair of residential high-rises overlooking Tel Aviv and the Ayalon Highway. Their unique round shape is even more distinct at night when their luminous “halo” can be seen from a distance. The two towers of 35 and 39 floors include 300 apartments, a fitness club, a spa and a swimming pool. 

Challenge: Create a glow that surrounds and highlights the most iconic buildings of a new exclusive residential neighborhood in TLV. This needed to be accomplished through a plan that was simple, cost effective and proposed a sustainable lighting solution.

Solution: At the center of this lighting design was a cornice of hidden light of enormous dimensions. This idea would have been impossible to implement within the existing architectural plans. However, after the building’s architect was presented with this cornice lighting idea, he was convinced that this was the optimal lighting solution made alterations in the building’s architecture in order to accommodate this unique lighting element. Waterproof fluorescent lights were also installed within a niche created specifically for this purpose. Given that maintenance of these lighting elements was only possible through the ceiling, special openings were created in order to allow access to maintenance of the lights when necessary.






Israel, Tel Aviv


Project Name: Yoo Tel Aviv

Architect/Designer:  MYS Architects / Stark France / Stav Architects

PHOTO: Yaki Asaiag

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