Pioneer House Jerusalem

Concept: This cultural center for the city ofJerusalem based in an old stone building with an historical values. The architecture is designed with respect for the existing building and theJerusalem bright light. The concept was to try and bring the artificial light in to the building, the same way the natural light gets in the building, soft and indirect

 Challenge: using indirect light as much as possible was the challenge in this project. Almost every space has an indirect light element. For the auditorium, corridorsand library in direct light, is the main light for the space

Solution: Working with the shape of the space and the architecture. Integrating indirect light with in the ceiling panels to light the auditorium space, above the shelves in the library to reflect light from the ceiling to the books on the shelves.  




public buildings




Israel, Jerusalem


Client: yad-itzhak-ben-zvi

Architect/Designer Ada Karmi Melamede and Partners

PHOTO: Nadav Peket

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