Westminister Park Plaza Hotel

Concept: This expansive hotel is the biggest in London with over 1000 rooms and apartments. It is an extremely central location and looks over Big Ben, the London Eye, Westminster Bridge and the river. The hotel’s ground floor’s main feature is its impressive staircase that leads guests up to the first floor’s lobby, lounge, restaurant and bar.

Challenge: To highlight the staircase and have it serve as the central focus of the design of the hotel’s ground floor entrance. In order add to the hotel’s existing extraordinary atmosphere, the architectural lighting plan also required the extensive use of light panels, indirect light and hidden light.

Solution: The architectural lighting plan combined a triple-layer wall with clear glass and a special, transparent plastic material that is lit with RGB LED from top and bottom, creating a dynamic affect that lasts throughout the day. In addition, each hotel area was lit with unique lighting details. For example, the light boxes used to illuminate the wine bar from behind and the door frames in the corridors. The corridor for the apartment units has particularly unique lighting and features artificial light that projects from the atrium towards the frosted glass windows, creating a linear cove element and emphasizing the curved shape of the corridor.






England, London


Project Name: Westminister Park Plaza Hotel

Architect/Designer: Digital Space

PHOTO: Eyal Shohn

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