W Hotel Amsterdam

Concept: This Hotel is built in 2 old conservation buildings, one across the street from the other. One of them used to be a Bank and had lots of tubes running all over for the communication. This led us to the lighting concept to use tubes as light transformer and convert them in to light tubes. 

Challenge: building a brand new super modern Hotel in an old conservation building it is a challenge itself. The Hotel has many different functions: rooms, suits, lobby, restaurant, convention hall, gym, spa, pool, another restaurant and a store. For us it was important to keep the lighting concept as one connecting all spaces and on the same time making each space or function special with a unique design identity  

Solution: The main solution was creating chandeliers from metal tubes that transmit "light' and has a light spot at the end. This light Spot can vary from narrow beam for reading, medium beam for task as sink, and wide beam for general lighting. This tubes run along the entire fifth floor ceiling where some end with a spot and some have a line of light shining from a narrow slot in the tube. Besides this main light feature there where many other light solutions as detailed below:

  • Rooms- the main light element is the 5 arms chandelier that follow with  -

-          Wall mounted waterproof light profile mounted in the milky glass shower.

-           One downlight for the entrance as well as one for the colored toilets.

-          Special custom made mirror integrated with Led light

-          Linear led under the bed.

We kept all the lighting with worm color and dimmable for the different scenarios.

  • Convention hall- with its 3d ceiling shape we integrated track lights along the geometric connections. The spots are all adjustable and can be aimed according to the room function, conference party dinner.
  • 5th floor Lobby & restaurant-. For the 5th floor which contains the function of hotel lobby, bar and restaurant, we kept the main tube concept, combined with floor lamps for the cozy sitting in the bar and huge chandeliers above the dining area. All the direct lighting is done with spots from tracks that ran along the tubes.  
  • Passageways- all pass ways are lighted with led profiles with opal cover for even narrow light graphics and super narrow beam spots to highlight the room number.
  • Spa- low levels of light are integrated in some main elements in the spa:

- Along the pool to highlight the pool shape and create soft light in the water.

- Along the corridor wall, hidden in the wood detail.

- Special custom made products for mirrors, reading and more.






Netherlands, Amsterdam


Client: GCH Hotels group

Architect/Designer: BK architects 

Photo:Lutz Vorderwuelbecke

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