The treehouse Israel museum

Concept: This small scale project is a tribute to the childhood collective memory of a treehouse. Located at the entrance to the Israel museum and center the gathering point for the youth wing.

Challenge: The project located around an existing old pine tree challenged us to respect the tree, while creating light for the treehouse. As children climb in to the house the light should be comfortable from inside and nicely glowing outside to the many passengers passing by it. 

Solution: At night the treehouse is the only area of the playground to be illuminated. Linear flexible LED strips are located at the detail gap between structure and the tree. The white net around it is beautifully lit by this light. Another long single strip of light is located between the long wooden floor panels.



urban & landscape




Israel, Jerusalem


Client:Israeli museum   

Architect/Designer: Ifat Finkelman +  Deborah Warschawski

Photo: Courtesy of the Israel Museum by Elie Posner

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