Tedi Park

Concept: Innovative fountain was built by the Jerusalem Foundation'' s center of Teddy Park located by theOldCity. Appearance of the fountain combined 256 hoses, about 1,500 light fixtures. The choreography incorporates accurately the water, music and light designed by a JML Barcelona - the world leader in this field.

Challenge: Construction of the7 acres park, that took five years, included many works of strict conservation of buildings of archaeological and historical remains important exposed during the works, and vegetation was in place, such as olive trees. The lighting needs to be as low as possible, to let the center fountain to glow at night.

Solution: all lighting for trails is wall recessed low lighting fixture as well as low bollards with a rhythm to create continuity. The old trees are lit from spots on poles to create the 3 dimensions of the open space. All light are kept same worm white color 3000K and the center fountain designed by JML Barcelona wormer white more like candle light.


urban & landscape




Israel, Jerusalem


ClientThe Jerusalem Foundation

Architect/Designer: Uri Shetrit and Isaac Halfon 

Photo: Vadim Mikhailov

Tedi Park Fountain Video

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