Concept: The notion of yacht-living introduces an air of a luxurious private marine vessel gliding through the powerful undercurrents in the open sea. To initiate this design concept, the designers were inspired by the glittering sea water when touched by the sun, the lustrous wooden decking and the glistening stainless steel, combined with senses of freedom and relaxation. These design elements are found throughout the spaces and highlighted on the façade.

Challenge: Named ‘Sir Joan’, it provides an urban oasis within the fashionable center, referencing the location’s split personality between an exclusive luxury and party destination. The Hotel located on a main roundabout by the marina is built in a preservation building with a multi-surfaced facade conceived by Ribas & Ribas’, and overlooking the port and old town, ‘Sir Joan’ thus adds a small-scale contemporary grandeur to the historic maritime location. The building façade is composed of white walls with volumes of glass and steel.

Solution: The new glass cover on multi-surfaced façade was an opportunity to create a prominent design icon that would be seen from the marina and beyond while additionally creating an atmosphere for the exclusive garden. The façade volumes are illuminated with LED linear lighting and controlled individually to successfully create the desired effect. 






Spain, Ibiza


Client: PBM

Architect/Designer: Architecture – Ribas & Ribas  Interior -  Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

Photo:Amit Geron

2018 Special Citation Video

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