Shneur House Challenge Center

Concept: The project is designed for the benefit of bicycle activities and challenges. The organization is named after a Shneur Cheshin, including three buildings with a total area of approximately 200 square meters indoor and outdoor wide area of activity.

Challenge: The complex is designed as a space open to all and not designated as closed, it is an integral part of the space in which it is located. No structure is bordering "Park" or surrounded by a "Park" - Park and Construction are one. The light follows the different functions while the façades are open or closed to the outdoor.

Solution: Long linear fluorescent tubes on the ceiling of each one of the structures.

Along the big opening a long linear line follows the unique shape of the opening with frosted carved LED.

The outdoor lighting is a combination of uplighting trees and creating some soft gradient of light reflecting from the canopy sails. Furthermore, integral lighting in handrails and under benches creates a soft ambience glow.


public buildings




Israel, Tel Aviv


Client: Etgarim Organization

Architect: Yoav Messer Architects Ltd. Leading Architect - Iftah Hayher

PHOTO:  Amit Geron

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