Shalem Farm - Park Ariel Sharon

Concept: This project is one of the first parts to be built from the masterplan planned by the well-known landscape architect Peter Latz, for the biggest park in the Middle East. A group of simple old buildings are renovated to have a commercial use and the area between them for all guests use.

Challenge: As part of the full masterplan it was important for us to keep the concept planned for the main park.  At the same time we wanted to give this unique project its spatial lighting solutions. Our goal was to keep the open air space, free from poles obstruction.

Solution:We decided to use the old solution of cables with bare bulbs stretched from above (named Garland) in a newer form with lampshades. In addition to this main lighting we added some old looking poles for local light, original wall mounted scones on the old buildings and up lights for the trees that would grow. 


urban & landscape




Park Ariel Sharon, Israel


Client:Park Ariel Sharon    

Architect/DesignerA.B planning  


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