Sacks fashion

Concept: The store’s modular metal grid system enables a flexible approach and the lighting design required the same amount of flexibility. The clothing hangs from this grid system and the linear lighting system hidden above the ceiling enables a dynamic approach to lighting and organizing the company’s products throughout the store.

Challenge: All clothing requires a unique style of lighting that best accentuates the clothing’s color and style. The overall feel of the store needed to align with the Sack’s boutique brand image and fashion-forward appeal. 

Solution: RTLD’s architectural lighting design employed the use of a track system above of the modular grid, with 3000K narrow beam metal halide. This enabled a constant tailoring of the lighting to the clothing on display, and accentuated the fashion pieces on each mannequin using strong levels of light.








Client: Sacks Fashion Stores

Architect/Designer: Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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