Private House

The lighting design for a private residence is a collaboration effort in which the RTLD team works together with the architect in order to tailor the design to the client’s dreams and needs – in this way, both the architect and the residence’s owner are our clients. We strive to meet both the logistical and aesthetic needs of our clients as we embed and integrate the lighting design into the overall architectural plans of for the private residence. This integrative process ensures that the architectural lighting supports the function, design and overall atmosphere of the residential space. 

To accomplish this successfully, the RTLD team uses everything from focus and spot lights for emphasis to decorative lights for mood lighting. Each space is approached separately such that its specific needs are met and the lighting fixture types can be carefully selected. In our private residence projects there is often a “smart” system for controlling the house’s lighting. RTLD programs into this system the appropriate lighting for different scenarios, such as: daytime, evening, hosting and nighttime. This increases ease of use for our clients and enables to preemptively meet their needs.






Israel, Herzelia


Project Name: Private Residence in Herzelia

Architect/Designer: Yoav  anderman Arch

Photo: Amit Geron


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