Concept: An exclusive residential alcove emerges from an unassuming typical quiet neighborhood in central Israel. From afar, this structure seems to be a non-descript single floor residence. Upon entering the space, one is greeted by an impressive aura of simple high-class elegance and tranquil comfort. Sleek clean linear geometries form a hidden architectural masterpiece. From its tall impressive ceiling heights, the interior spaces draw the senses to explore difference layers and find new surprises at every turn.  Glass curtain walls surround the structure creating a beautiful connection with the outdoors.

Challenge: To create a uniform, functional and clean lighting scheme that would open the spaces and let the architecture speak for itself. 

Solution: The use of a simple monochromatic color palette with the glass walls combined with a soft uniform lighting scheme promote a sense of lightness and openness, while still retaining its sophisticated feel. Crafted to blend with the architectural forms, the lighting fixtures remain nondescript and the light itself effortlessly washes the large interior spaces while unassumingly highlighting the objects of interest. Minimal suspended LED bare lamps gathers interest around the dining table while simultaneously fading into the background. Recessed track lighting align with the rectilinear elements in the public areas while recessed fixtures are prevalent in the private areas.

From the backyard view, the house showcases its true simple aesthetic form. The interior glows from within to become one with the surroundings. The vertical linear forms and fluid lines create a sense of verticality and movement and the lighting adds to their prominence while simultaneously making the lines disappear against the bright background. A custom pergola lit with integrated LED’s glow to create a seamless connection of the interior and exterior spaces. The exterior elements and lush greenery surrounding the property are lit minimally to exude prominence to the house itself. 







Architect/Designer: BK Architecture 

Photo: Amit Geron

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