Plaza Mall Riga

Concept: As one of the Plaza Center malls around the world, there was great importance in maintaining and following the design style and feel developed specifically for the company and its brand identity. With an emphasis on the linear, central corridor of the mall, the architecture focuses particular attention on the mall’s entrance, food-court areas and central plaza space. The mall’s various skylights enhance elements of natural light within the architectural lighting design. 

Challenge: Integrating suitable lighting solutions for the mall’s public walkways in fashion that complements the light from the mall’s window displays. These solutions need to correlate directly with an all-encompassing mall lighting architecture in order to ensure alignment with Plaza Center mall designs around the world. 

Solution: By employing a linear light approach, RTLD provided an underlying, comprehensive feel and perspective throughout the mall’s main spaces. Round fixtures highlighted the mall’s expansive heights and long central corridor. Consecutive linear light and wall lights were used to create enhanced lighting for the mall entrances. A unique feature was used throughout the mall that employed mirror reflectors and reflected light back from projectors located on the mall’s columns, in order to create a beautiful style of indirect light. In addition, organic lines of light were used to differentiate the lighting of the mall’s food court, resulting in a particularly welcoming and dynamic atmosphere as visitors moved through the space. 






Latvia, Riga


Project Name: Plaza Mall Riga

Architect/Designer: Buki Zuker

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