Pastel Restaurant

Concept: This 3 dimensional geometric space was created by the architect as an inner space for unique new building of the Tel Aviv museum planed by Preston scott Cohen. Like a folding paper the walls and the ceiling are one. The lighting concept was to avoid interrupting the geometry.

Challenge: like many times, we have been asked not to interrupt the chilling with light fixture. Creating architectural functional and decorative light together with out interrupting the ceiling is a big challenge.

Solution: The architectural lighting design is a combination of the general light for the tables up lighting for the architectural ceiling and decorative light for the atmosphere. This included lines of tracks light that are located in the geometry folds with spots for highlighting the center of the table and bar. Decorative light fixtures are hooked to the tables.






Israel, Tel Aviv


Client: Pastel Restaurant

Architect/Designer: Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

PHOTO: Amit Geron

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