Park Plaza Hotel - Leeds

Concept: This Park Plaza Hotel, located in Leeds’ city center, employs a modern design, look and feel.

Challenge: Creating a lighting plan that is as minimal as possible and that successfully adapts and strengthens the existing architectural design.  

Solution: RTLD developed and implemented an architectural lighting plan based mainly on the use of light boxes and light panels. This motif repeats throughout the project in the form of diverse solutions for the different spaces in the hotel. In the lunch bar there is an expansive light wall located behind a white curtain, transmitting light both into the space as well as to the outdoors. The main lighting feature is a light wall behind the reception area. Back-lit glass boxes change color based on LED profiles connected to a control system. The majority of the time these glass boxes glow with a neutral white color. However, for special occasions the control system enables the creation of randomly colorful looks as well as lines of colors in many different combinations.






England, Leeds


Project Name: Park Plaza Hotel – Leeds, England 

Architect/Designer: Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

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