The Palace Jerusalem Waldorf Astoria

Concept: The Waldorf Astoria Jerusalem Hotel is located in the heart of Jerusalem at the intersection of King David, Agron and Mammilla Streets, just a few minutes from the Jaffa Gate. The architectural design of the hotel blends Greco-Roman, Gothic and Ottoman architecture into the preserved 80-year-old façade. The Hotel has 226 rooms of different standards.

Challenge: Working in a preservation building is a big challenge itself. Providing a luxury lighting design that works with the newest high-standard technology and the architectural design spirit was the goal mission. The inner atrium space with the high skylight, which is seen from all around and the monumental original staircases: just two of the most challenging spaces to design the lighting for in this project.

Solution: We developed a rich design integrating a lot of decorative and architectural lighting elements that fulfill the interior design and the client vision, together with many technical light solutions for general light, art light and accent light. This combination of lighting elements, together with respecting the high-end standards of the hotel, specifying very high-end standards for the light fixtures, led us to the result.






Israel, Jerusalem


Client: Waldorf Astoria Hotel

Architect/Designer: Feigin Architects ,Metex

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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