MTC – Modi'in Shopping Mall

Concept: A large-scale mall in the center of Modi’in in which the architecture is designed to integrate into the city’s existing topography and general architectural plan. 

Challenge: Creating a warm, welcoming ambience that is maintained as visitors move throughout the mall, and that highlights the mall’s central corridor and arcades.  

These solutions are integrated into an overall approach defined by airy, delicate light. The powerful glow of display windows and store lights must maintain a unique glow within the mall’s atmosphere and successfully draw the attention of mall-goers.  

Solution: RTLD’s comprehensive solution required working mainly with warm, indirect light and direct-down lights. The mall’s all-white ceiling modules were lit between skylights with linear florescent lights. The down-lighting of the mall’s main corridor included metal halide, allowing the design to provide the necessary but varied levels of lighting throughout different areas of the mall.






Israel, Modi'in


Client: Azrieli, MTC – Modi'in Shopping Mall

Architect/Designer: David Azrieli Moshe Sfadia

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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