Migdal Center


Concept: This façade lighting and landscape project offer a large scale of open public space for the people who work in the new Migdal office complex. This public area between the buildings, create a sequence of places and transitions between the complex and its area. With a large existing grove near by, the project site designed as a bit of landscape observed from the street and buildings, and invites a pause in the hart of urban intensity. 


Challenge: Gardens and outdoors sitting areas, pools and trees, all merged to be a photographics at night from the building above. The Lighting role is to mediate between the horizontal geometry of the building elements and the courts amorphous geometry.


Solution: The building horizontal elements, accompanied with linear lighting to glow at night. Each area has an egg shape element that is accentuated with light and act both as the center of the garden and the visual connection between them. Lighting was integrated into the water pools, Up light for the trees, and some local light. All together create the total graphics of the garden. 



urban & landscape




Israel, Petach Tikva



Client: Migdal

Architect: Kavmitaar.  landscep: Tzur Namal Turner

Photo: Assaf Pinchuk


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