Mamilla Hotel

Concept: Mamilla Hotel is a high-end, luxury hotel located in the heart of Jerusalem. With its magnificent views of the Old City, this hotel brings world-class, superior design and lifestyle hospitality to Jerusalem and Israel. A mandatory law requiring that the building be constructed from Jerusalem stone inspired the architect to use the same stone indoors but with a different stone finish process.

Challenge: The exquisite design was created by Piero Lissoni, one of the world's most well-renowned designers. The RTLD team was brought in to strengthen Lissoni’s design by providing correct and accurate lighting qualities. 

Solution: The plan implemented was based on the use of narrow beam halogen lights and Honeycomb fitters. Soft, decorative floor lamps were integrated into the furniture collection used in all public spaces. A combination of soft, warm light and direct, warm saturate light was used to flatter the integrative and complementary use of Jerusalem stone, steel, wool and fabric. The unique combination of diverse materials, as well as soft and direct light, successfully created an intimate, sophisticated and contemporary atmosphere. 






Israel, Jerusalem


Project Name: Mamilla Hotel

Architect/Designer: Sfadia Arch Lissoni Associate Milan (collaboration with Rona Levin)

PHOTO: Amit Geron

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