Concept: The project focused on the comprehensive integration of three olive-tree-related ideas: the well-known image and icon of an olive tree, the gold tones of olive oil and the spontaneous yet seamless movements of the leaves on an olive tree. 

Challenge: In addition to emphasizing the store’s products through the use of the three main design elements listed above, the lighting needed to create a strong visual image that would flow through the large display windows and capture the attention of passersby on Rothschild Boulevard. 

Solution: The RTLD solution involved three main lighting elements: Fluorescent back-lighting that would shine through the “stencil”-style walls; a unique layout of direct down-lights to highlight the store’s products and signage; local LED linear strips under each shelf that allowed the products’ visual beauty to naturally draw the attention of customers in the store.  






Israel, Tel Aviv


Client: Liveo

Architect/Designer: Sigal Baranovitch & Gali Amit Interior Design

PHOTO: Amit geron

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