Law Firm office

Concept: A whole floor of conference rooms for a large law firm with more than 330 attorneys. It was important for us that our lighting design will create a sense of lightness, constructing a refreshing environment.

 Challenge: our challenge was to keep the light functional as well as comfortable and create an uplifting feeling. All conference rooms required high levels of light that could be controlled and dimmed down when needed.

Solution: for the large conference rooms we used linear up and down fixtureson a grid, to create strong lighting on the table and high light, for an uplifting feeling, on the ceiling above. In the corridors we could be more creative and used long graphic lines and decorative fixtures for sitting areas and for the front desk. This lighting design complements the architectural plan that represents the essence of this firm.






Israel, Tel Aviv


Client:Meitar Law firm

Architect/Designer: Nurit Leshem 

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