Kramim Hotel

Concept: A luxury boutique hotel located in the outskirts of Jerusalem where guests may enjoy the city's attractions along with the magical forest landscape of the hills of Jerusalem. This spa hotel has 24 treatments rooms, indoor and out door pool, sauna, hot tub, gym, fine restaurant and bar, as well as 155 rooms, with an phenomenal view to Jerusalem mountains.

Challenge: The location on the hills of Jerusalem, with a grate view and an important overlooking of the hotel at a distance, provide tremendous significant for its green landscape surrounding. 

Solution: For a total look and feel, we planed each space in the Hotel, privet and public, with Warm indirect light and decorative local light as well as direct light to high light elements. The room lighting is a play of brilliance with light, shadow and reflection, created by the light, the glass walls and big mirror that is also a TV.

The landscape lighting at night, glow out architecture elements and the trees, around the hotel, creating elegant and worm atmosphere. 






Israel, Kiryat Anavim


Client: Ella. R

Architect/Designer: Guy Igra

Interior design: studio Gaya NY 

Landscape Architect: Tsurnamal Turner

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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