Jaffa-Tel-Aviv Restaurant

Concept: The restaurant incorporates two separate but complementary lighting systems. The first lighting system illuminates the kitchen bar while the second system illuminates all the remaining elements within the restaurant.

Challenge: Developing and implementing two systems that are completely integrated and that complement each other despite the complexity of the two opposing lighting systems. The kitchen bar lighting system must provide ample light for the ongoing work of cooks. On the other hand, it must work together with the dining area lighting system in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for a pleasant dining experience.

Solution: The fluorescent light fixtures within the kitchen were embedded into black channels with shutters that focused the light onto the kitchen’s borders without illuminating the people seated in this area. The kitchen bar was designed with focus halogen lighting to enhance the dining experience. The RTLD team chose to highlight the dining area, which include tables, bar and decorative wall, using halogen spot lights. These spot lights were arranged in two linear systems located on the perimeter of the restaurant ceiling, leaving ample room for decorative lighting in the center of the ceiling. The combination of these two systems creates a warm and welcoming combination of ambient lighting and focused lighting.






Israel, Tel Aviv


Client: Jaffa Tel Aviv Restaurant

Architect/Designer: Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

PHOTO: Amit Geron

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