The Jaffa Hotel

Concept: The first luxury hotel of its kind, The Jaffa is located within the walls of a 19th-century complex that once housed Jaffa's French Hospital and offers stunning views of Jaffa and the Mediterranean. The city of Jaffa itself is a combination of the historic and modern worlds, and The Jaffa mirrors this mix of the old and the new.

Challenge: The main challenge was to remain true to the original building’s heritage, visual details while providing the adequate lighting needed for hospitality, and meeting the architect’s requirement.

Solution: The lighting design seamlessly integrates this theme and shapes the spaces in a minimalistic and integrated fashion. Paired with extensive lighting controls, the layers of light mimic the layers of the rich history of the old building through the years. Incorporated within the architecture, the lighting highlights the unique historic elements and details while complementing the new modern geometry. The careful placement of the lighting allows one to see from one space into the other while not detracting from the timelessness of the architecture. Keeping with the minimalist design scheme in the public areas, recessed track-mounted spotlights highlight the art and furniture while leading the eye towards the exterior views seen through the full height exterior glazing. This lighting scheme is prevalent within the hotel restaurants that also look out into the garden, however decorative lighting elements and fixtures keeping these restaurants' interior and exterior spaces exclusive on to themselves.






Israel, Tel Aviv Jaffa


Client: RFR Israel

Architect/Designer: John Pawson & Ramy Gill

Photo: Amit Geron

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