Isrotel Karpaz Bay Hotel

Concept: Located next to two hotels that will be built in the near future, this large scale Marina will be used to connect between these hotels. The lighting architecture must emphasize the hotels’ architecture and create a unified atmosphere that is appropriate for both the short and long-term vision for the Marina. 

Challenge: The hotel areas and marina include several areas that require an all-encompassing, functional solution that enable these various spaces to work together while maintaining a focus on the architectural elements of the surrounding hotels. 

Solution: The RTLD plan incorporated a variety of architectural lighting solutions: along the sea wall the promenade includes lights along the handrails; in the docking areas the lighting fixtures act both as a source of light and as a hook for the yachts in the Marina; strategically placed light poles are situated along the dry dock to ensure that no glare or “light spills” will occur in areas where yacht maintenance and repairs take place; in commercial areas the lighting emphasizes the architectural structures of the restaurants and store window displays; throughout the landscape areas light fixtures have been integrated to surround the palm trees located along the sidewalks and pathways.


urban & landscape




Cyprus, Karpaz Bay


Client: Isrotel Karpaz Bay Hotel & Marina

Architect/Designer: Feigin Arch

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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