Isrotel Beresheet

Concept: Located on the exclusive and unique natural site of Ramon Crater, this high-end hotel blends in seamlessly with the landscape. With its low-ceiling structure, this hotel is made of local stone and the desert’s simplicity can be seen in the building’s shape and material. The hotel maintains an ambience of privacy and luxury without compromising the simplicity of its design.  

Challenge: Create and maintain a cozy and simple design that highlights the richness of the natural materials used and the intimate atmosphere provided to each guest. The outdoor lighting would need to be done in low levels to enable the desert’s beautiful night sky to take center stage. 

Solution: Low-light solutions were used for the outdoor areas of the hotel so that guests could admire the light provided by the many stars seen at night. The interior design’s architectural elements were highlighted through the use of integrated architectural technical lighting. Decorative light elements were used to soften and fill the hotel’s exclusive atmosphere with suitable levels of light.






Israel, Mitzpe Ramon


Project Name: Isrotel Beresheet

Architect/Designer: Feigin Arch & Ara Interior Design

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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