Israel Museum - Exhibition Spaces

Concept: The heart of every museum is its exhibition halls – spaces that require unique and tailor-made lighting solutions. In the case of the Israel Museum’s renewal project, 20,000 sq. meters were renovated within existing buildings, and many more sq. meters of exhibition hall space were built from scratch. From temporary exhibitions to permanent collections, this project included the preservation of some spaces as part of the museum’s architectural conservation, and other areas were completely replaces.

Challenge: Successfully creating a lighting system that suits a variety of types of artwork and objects in a flexible and efficient manner. In parallel, the architectural lighting plan needed to accurately reflect the geometry and shapes of these exhibition spaces.

Solution: The lighting design includes both recessed and ceiling mounted light track systems with integral dimmers. RTLD’s approach was based on changeable reflectors and lenses that can be easily changed on site as needed, allowed for the necessary amount of flexibility in lighting the space based on the needs of the artwork. The system was designed to light all walls and all floor area in the entire space. Additionally, integral LED lighting was used for particular display cases as needed. The lighting system was designed to match to the color of the ceiling, resulting in museum spaces that are united with a all-inclusive feel and distinguished look.






Israel , Jerusalem


Client: Israel Museum

Architect/Designer: EKA / A Lerman,  Chanan Delanga - Delange Design

PHOTO: Elie Posner

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