Israel Museum - Campus Renewal

Concept: Four new buildings where designed and constructed as part of the overall campus renewal. All of the four buildings were constructed from Terracotta Louvers, and were designed to glow at night.

Challenge: Maximizing the unique nighttime “glow” effect created through the use of Terracotta Louvers, while designing interior architectural lighting plans that would be ensure evenly lit spaces that are suitable to the museum interiors.

Solution: The lighting fixture layouts for all four buildings were tailored to fit the buildings’ grid plans. This enabled us to evenly light each of the interior spaces. In order to successfully integrate this approach with the different heights of the buildings, the light fixtures in each space have a unique wattage and beam angle, within the same aperture. In addition, the Terracotta core walls were lit from above while the Concert core walls were lit from below, complimenting the design of each of these spaces.






Israel, Jerusalem


Client: Israel Museum

Architect/Designer: JCDA / EKA / A Lerman Lighting Design Concept: Suzan Tilettson DD and Tender: RTLD

PHOTO: Amit Geron, Elie Posner

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