Israel Museum - Archeology wing

Concept: The large-scale cases of this wing of the museum need to create a historical atmosphere that encompasses the visitor and leads them through the mysteries of the past.

Challenge: Produce a warm, soft light that will perfectly flatter the thousands of objects seen in the Archeology wing. At the same time, it was important to create a united feel that brought together the various elements throughout the wing with one, complete look.

Solution: RTLD’s architectural lighting design was composed of a series of adjustable, dimmable mini-LED spot-light systems within each of the cases, allowing the light to be adjusted according to the objects in each case. The light level and beam angle were fit individually to the object in the case. These spot-light systems were integrated with extra light, as needed, from a track grid. This combination allowed us to highlight both from within and outside of the cases. Ultimately, it enabled us to create the feeling of moving slowly through history.






Israel , Jerusalem


Client: Israel Museum - Archeology wing (in corporations with BDP)

Architect/Designer: Pentagram London / EKA / Rivka Mayers for IMJ

PHOTO: Elie Posner

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