Ir Yamim Mall

Concept: This expansive mall setting is located within a new residential neighborhood, and incorporates architectural themes such as water and sea-related images. Defined by its soft edges and curved lines, the design aims to seamlessly integrate this vast building into its more subtle, suburban environment.

Challenge: Instilling a sense of relaxation and calm among customers as they wander through the mall's spacious arena, and creating a harmonious feel between the outdoor and indoor spaces through the use of both natural and artificial light.

Solution: Long linear lighting elements compliment the mall's rounded corridors, highlighting its soft, architectural style. Unique lighting features can be found throughout the space, such as extensive back-light barisol geometric elements that create a nighttime sky light, as well as narrow beam HIT spots that, when combined with the mall's exceptionally high ceilings, conjure the feeling of a 3-dimensional space. Three distinctive lighting elements capture the essence of each of the main mall areas, and are the essence of RTLD's all-encompassing lighting design approach.






Israel, Natania


Project Name: Ir Yamim Mall  

Architect/Designer: MYS Architects

PHOTO: Emily Tepper

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