The Interdisciplinary Center

Concept: This new academic building is located in the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Hertzeliya. As described by the architect, this building "is one floor below grade… defines a linear edge to the green landscape outside. The building is composed of a set of parallel, linear layers, which change from light to heavy, from glass and gypsum to stone."  

Challenge: Successfully transition from an outdoor to indoor space through the use of soft, indirect light. In addition, the project required using artificial light to create a magical setting using indirect light entering from the North. 

Solution: By integrating the building’s architectural style and language into the lighting design, we were able to create a unified lighting solution that suited the space as a whole. Working with lots of light coves and details of indirect fluorescent light, RTLD gave the feeling of natural daylight filtering seamlessly into the building’s interior space. 


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Israel, Herzelia


Client: The Interdisciplinary Center

Architect/Designer: Ada Karmi - Melamede  Arch

PHOTO: Amit Geron

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