Hapoalim Bank – digital branch

Concept: The Digital Branch of Hapoalim Bankischaracterized for being: fresh, clean, innovative looking and inviting to use. We wanted to have a clean look with fresh uniform lighting.

Challenge: each branch is architecturally planned to look a bit different: Different ceiling height, different shape and different look.  The lighting was planned to have a similar signature in all 4 branches built until today. As lots of screens are mounted on walls and counters, we had to use light source with no glare.

Solution: linear lines of light are recessed mounted in the folded ceiling. This element creates the general lighting as a simple, straight forward, clean, fresh solution. Indirect lighting is hidden in the ceiling drops, to up light the higher ceiling and make the space look bigger. Some branches have a huge screen with running information as part of the façade that itself is kind of a light source toward the street / mall.  






Israel, Tel Aviv


Client: Hapoalim Bank

Architect/Designer: Sharon Cheshnovsky  

PHOTO: Esther Hershky

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