Gan Yaakov Tel Aviv

Concept: The renovation of this garden area was to be complimented by the implementation of a new lighting design. The garden’s atmosphere aspires to create and maintain a level of intimacy and romanticism throughout the space by using a variety of light levels. The lighting should enable the building’s architecture and clean lines to glow at night, surrounded by trees and passageways that are lit in a complementary fashion.  

Challenge: To create more ample lighting for the garden and surrounding pathways while maintaining its magical and enigmatic ambience. All this needed to be accomplished while achieving a very low Watt/sq meter ratio.

Solution: The RTLD lighting solution was created through the use of two main lighting fixtures: the first a simple glowing sphere and the second a narrow beam spot. The 35W HIT 3000K technical spot, with diffuse lens mounted on the beam, was used to illuminate the pathways. The same beam spots were also integrated into the existing aluminum fixtures that we preserved, allowing us to use efficient HIT lamps rather than the incandescent lamps found in the original aluminum fixtures from the 1960’s. 300 simple, yet elegant round ceiling scones were mounted on the ceiling throughout the complex. This element accentuated the unique ceiling architecture while creating a soft light on the pathway all around the complex. The resulting garden space has suitable amounts of light, feels connected to the neighboring building complex, and is integrated into a complete architecture image.


urban & landscape




Israel, Tel Aviv


Client: Gan Yaakov Tel Aviv

Architect/Designer: Tema, Lital Samock

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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