First International Bank of Israel

Concept: This office building is located in the growing trade center of Tel Aviv and serves as the Head Office for a leading international bank. The building is located on one of Tel Aviv’s main boulevards and its sharp architecture and triangle shape gives it a dominant look throughout the day. 

Challenge: Create a plan that maintains the building’s majestic look. Given the building’s plan to be Lead Certified for efficient energy consumption, the architectural lighting plan must provide sufficient lighting while remaining energy efficient. 

Solution: The office’s ceilings were lit with up-light and were planned in a way that enabled the inside to glow out and act as a light for the surrounding area at night. Linear fixtures were embedded in a very organized way on all floors of the building. The lighting plan maximized the use of fluorescent 3000K light in order to create energy efficient lighting. The overall lighting plan combined direct and indirect light. Adding direct light into the lighting design solution resulted in RTLD being able to reduce the amount of energy used for the project by 50%.






Israel, Tel Aviv


Project Name: First International Bank of Israel– Headquarters 

Architect/Designer: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Arch, Nir-Kutz Arch Preservation, Amnon Bar Or 

PHOTO: Amit Gron

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