Elko Tower

Concept: The 46-story tower has 55,000 sq. meters of offices space and can be easily identified by its original, elegant and timeless design. A square-shaped building, this tower has four dominant columns that are connected by double glazed glass windows.     

Challenge: The outdoor lighting must feature the tower’s dominant columns without disturbing the residents inside the building. At the same time, the outdoor lighting must maintain the building’s elegant look at night. For the tower’s indoor spaces, the lighting plan must uphold the distinguished, yet natural look of the interior design.  

Solution: Narrow-beam up-light projectors were used and were aimed specifically in order to keep the light on the corner columns. The indoors were provided a timeless solution based on linear fluorescent lights, combining overall general lighting, direct light and local decorative light.






Israel, Tel Aviv


Project Name: Elko Tower

Architect/Designer:  MYS Architects

PHOTO: Hugo Hen-Tov

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