The Duchess restaurant W Hotel Amsterdam

Concept: this unique large scale space used to be a bank in central location by the Dum square in Amsterdam. The rum restaurant is planned as part of the new W Hotel Amsterdam and an important aspect was to respect the historical building.

Conservation of some old light elements in the space, together with the need to create more intimate space for comfortable dining was the main concept. This combination led us to locate big scale chandeliers that flow in the space.

Challenge: The height of the space and its identification together with the limitations for the electrical power location in the high ceiling were only some of the challenges of this project. Furthermore the relahon between old and new made this project even more challenging.   


Solution: As part of the hotel total design we kept are design language for the technical lighting. The decorative light in this space combines big scale chandeliers and old-style light fixtures mounted on the columns around the restaurant space. 






Netherlands ,Amsterdam


Client: PBM

Architect/Designer: Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

Photo: Sivan Askayo

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