Deichman Plaza – Ben Gurion Uni.

Concept: This Plaza is located in the Ben-Gurion University campus in Be’er Sheva, Israel. The square offers students an outdoor space for cultural and social activities.

Challenge: Successfully integrating the light into the various elements of the landscape. In addition, the architectural lighting design needed to keep the sources of light as local as possible in order to create both a nighttime and daytime scene. These resulting visual images needed to be differentiated from one another, but simultaneously reflect the same design styles and values.  

Solution: The RTLD team used linear fluorescent fixture flash throughout grounds of the Plaza. In addition, a concrete bench with warm white fluorescent light was created specifically for this project. The bench’s glow provided the surrounding area with both a gentle, flowing light and architectural lines to the garden’s geometric design. At night, the up-light used by the trees provide the Plaza with an additional design dimension and a unique ambience.


urban & landscape




Israe , Beer Sheva


Client: Deichman Plaza – Ben Gurion University of the Negev

Architect/Designer: Chyutin Arch

PHOTO: Amit Gron / Chyutin 

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