Champion Tower


Concept: This high-end office tower in a prime location offers to rent high standard office spaces. The building was planned and built in consideration of the "green building standards". As such it takes advantage of the daylight openings and we worked with high efficient lighting fixtures which was part of the program.

Challenge: We were hired to work on all the public areas, within the building, the outdoor lighting, as well as the showrooms for the cars champion Motors represents: Audi Skoda and Volkswagen.

Solution: The outdoor lighting is a combination of uplighting the white geometric of the building and a special LED screen which is integrated in the facade to create a moving image. On street level there is light integrated in the pergola grid. A lot of light is coming out of the showroom which was considered for the whole scheme.The indoor lighting follows the interior design and highlights the ceiling geometry as well as the front desk and some other focal points.







Israel, Bnei Brak


Client: Champion Tower

Architect/Designer: Yaski Mor Sivan Arch + Liora Niv Interior Design

Photo: Assaf Pinchuck

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