Champion Tower VW showroom

Concept: This double space with a gallery on the back area of the showroom planed with a full height glass façade. All designed with a grid that forces the lighting to fit in it.  The target is to light up only the 3d objects in the space: all the cars and front desks. 

Challenge: The architecture shape and the grid forced us to use the inner façade frame to highlight all the cars dimensions, and especially the most important side towards the pedestrians walking out side.  

Solution: grid of light fixtures recessed in the ceiling is aimed towards the cars. As the grid was not enough we added line of fixture on the window frame directed to the cars as well.The other 3d elements are highlighted with geometrical shapes above them. And the showroom openings are glowing with light box around them.All lighting is 4000K with high CRI showing out the cars and the space through out the windows at night






Israel, Bnei Brak


Client: Champion Motors

Architect/Designer: Ron Grinberg Architects 

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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