Bursa (Stock Market)

Concept: The new Stock market is a 60 meters building with 14 floors. The building architect describes it as an "Intreior and exterior design that maintains both innovation and conservatism". We based our design according to the concept that the internal lighting in the  building would also constitute as the external lighting.

Challenge: Giving the building a unique character while keeping it shaded and using natural light during the day. After dark, designing the right lighting elements that would create a pleasant atmosphere with minimum energy usage. 

Solution: The entire building was covered with thousands of glass louvers that enrich the building's facades. The louvers provide shading and enable filtered natural light into the building. In the center of each module we placed updown light fixtures to create suitable lighting for the offices. These fixtures also give the general outdoor lighting for the building itself. A very important element of the building is its big atrium which extends through the whole building and contains the public spaces. A peripheral lighting was placed in the inner perimeter of each floor. These elements light the floor lobby and serve as the building's indoor general lighting as well.

The light fixtures we used are mostly florescent lights which are very efficient and have high efficacy. Together with the low energy theme, there is also an emphasis on forming a holistic feeling to the whole building with homogeneous warm light. The new building is nominated for the Israeli "Green Standard".






Israel, Tel Aviv


Client:Bursa- Stock market  Tel Aviv

Architect/Designer: Eri Goshen architect + OKA interior design 

PHOTO: Assaf Pinchuck

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