Broadcom Offices Yakum

Concept: The unique design concept for this out of the city building, located in Kibbutz Yakum,was inspired by the first interior design plans presented to us. The interior design include the use of different color, graphic and shapes to distinguish the different Ares in the office space.  Our concept was to use the lighting as a tool to create a different look and feel for each area. And create inspiring environment for the people working in the office.

Challenge: In this office space there are many different areas with variety of function and design; working space, public areas, and space for time out from work which has different attractions in them. In this project, the office is the meeting space and there is a lot of interaction between the workers. The design has to be a source of inspiration and creation among the employees 

Solution: Custom made light fixture designed in cooperation with the luminaire designer especially for this project, accompany the project open spaces all along as embroidered thread. Free organic lines inspired from nature outside are standing in contrast to the inner order and the ceiling linear grid.The different meeting areas got each one an unique light solution according to the design. These assorted atmospheres and looks inspire the people working in the office. 






Israel, Yakum



Architect/Designer: setter Arch

Luminaire Design: Eran Aronson

Photo: Uzi Porat

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