AME Jewelry New York

Concept: For this unique jewelry store, the concept was to create a new set of rules for lighting; providing depth through layers of light with extreme attention to detail. It was important to only light where necessary using fixtures whose light origin is hidden within the architecture. Another concept was to mimic daylight that infiltrates the forest merging within and through the leaves on a tall tree canopy, enhancing the trees’ height and form. Lighting the strings will enhance their verticality and the forest-like experience of the space. The "feminine" light that softly grazes the organic shapes of the wall to accentuate its rhythmical movement Jewelry, nature's details, will be lit accordingly; softly yet precise

Challenge: The challenge in this project was to create focal yet soft lighting only where necessary using fixtures whose light origin can almost not be seen. In addition, to create dramatic and focused lighting while avoiding glare and unnecessary reflections due to the highly reflective materials used in this project: metal, glass and mirrored surfaces.

Solution: We developed specific details that allowed the light to be seen while concealing its origin. In addition, we used dark light fixtures with a range of different diameters, power and beam angles to achieve the desired results. The jewelry within the capsules and cloche are lit with 4000K white light that complements the diamonds while the entire store is lit with warm light in 3000K to create an intimate feeling within the metal and mirror finishes.






USA, New York City , Soho


Client: AME jewelry 

Architect/Designer: Architecture - Baranovitch Kronenberg Arch

Photo: Amit Geron

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