Adler Homski

Concept: The combination of roughly-designed ceilings and artistically-designed walls represents the work model of one of the leading advertising firms in Israel. 

The ceiling in this project provides an honest approach to the building’s infrastructure, giving a clear view of the pluming and electricity systems, in all their glory. In the same way, most lighting elements are also left exposed. 

Challenge: The architectural lighting plan would span the four floors in this new office building and would provide sufficient lighting for all the various functions of an advertising firm. This includes producing good levels of light for offices and graphics studios. The plan must incorporate light fixtures that, like the office’s ceilings, are not clean or hidden, but rather produce light and show the electrical wiring and connections involved in creating these light fixtures.

Solution: The plan designed our team used linear channels with T5 fluorescent lights that were hung from the exposed ceiling. Back-lit light boxes enable big scale prints to glow on the inner walls of the office. Track lights were used to highlight the different functions and departments within the firm and some decorative arm fixtures add an essential additional layer of light.






Israel, Tel Aviv



Project Name: Adler Homski Office Building 

Architect/Designer: Gottesman Shmaltzman  Arch. LTD

PHOTO: Amit Gron


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