Norman Hotel

Concept: The Norman Tel Aviv is located in the heart of the White City, perfectly situated near Rothschild Boulevard.

At The Norman, you can enjoy the ultimate personalized boutique hotel experience with exclusive luxury services and facilities, including a rooftop pool, fitness room, wellness center, and 2 fine dining restaurants.

Challenge: The Norman Tel Aviv hotel is comprised of two original buildings, superbly restored to their unique magnificence. No 23 Nachmani St, built in the Eclectic style, and No 25 Nachmani St is a grand Modernist building, with clean lines and wooden shutters that capture the essence of 1920s architecture in ultimate style.

The design incorporates antique elements from the original interiors of the historic buildings, blended with hand-picked textures and materials to create a rich design tapestry inspired by the prestige of the past.

Solution: Technical lighting in all the different spaces is generally highlighting the unique fabrics, art and furnitures with narrow beams from adjustable recessed light fixtures, with round shape for the eclectic style building and square shape for the modernist building. This technical light is complimentary with a collection of decorative light fixture that were specifically picked for each room and space.  






Israel, Tel Aviv


Architect/Designer: Yoav Messer Architects &Iftah Hayner

Interior design: David Sagr

PHOTO: Amit Gosher

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