Avichai Foundation

Concept: BEIT Avichai  is a cultural center that addresses major issues, fields of thought and creativity in the Jewish religion and throughout Israeli society. The architecture is designed around a private stone garden and serves much like a lighthouse to the surrounding outdoor areas. The four-story building, located in the heart of Jerusalem, has a 270-seat auditorium with a stage suitable for lectures, film screenings and small-scale shows, eight rooms of various sizes for various lectures, workshops and activities, and a unique reading room. 


Challenge: Given the cultural center’s use as a public building, and the role it often plays as a home for culture and creativity, there was a need to create an architectural lighting solution that would meet the needs of a combination of functions and atmospheres. The design needed to both flatter that architecture and supplying ample and appropriate levels of light throughout the different spaces of the building.


Solution: The innovative architectural lighting plan implemented by RTLD emphasized the building’s unique architectural form. This was particularly important when designing the lighting for the center’s extraordinary auditorium – a challenge that was met by using only indirect light and without the use of any light fixture in the ceiling. RTLD’s plan used general indirect light for the corridors, which enabled integration of this source of light into the center’s outdoor lighting plan. In addition to formulating solutions based on the building’s form, design and complete look, the lighting plan created a consistent tone and color of light. 


public buildings




Israel, Jerusalem


Client: Beit Avichai 

Architect/Designer: Ada Karmi Melamede and Partners

PHOTO:  Ofer Arussy

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