About Our Office

Established in 2004, RTLD is a leading architectural lighting design studio specializing in the planning and implementation of diverse lighting projects both in Israel and abroad. RTLD was founded on the concept of using light as a tool with which to shape and create a specific aesthetic and energy. Both powerful and difficult to define, light has the ability to change and influence one’s experience within any particular space. By combining this understanding with years of experience and creativity, RTLD has cultivated its own innovative approach to architectural lighting. 

We approach each new project as an opportunity to investigate and plan a new environment. Using a complete spectrum of inspiration, ranging from nature and landscapes to movies and personal experiences, RTLD completes each project with the highest degree of professionalism, ingenuity and efficiency. This approach includes identifying and implementing the most effective use of energy resources and employing eco-friendly construction techniques. By aligning our architectural lighting plans with these central methodologies we are able to create sustainable, inventive and suitable lighting solutions on behalf of our clients.

Our studio functions as an incubator for the development of an advanced skill set in the field of architectural lighting. We are strong believers in the importance of education and skill development and are continuously sharing our knowledge through lectures at academic institutions.

RTLD Lighting Design
27 Shoken St. Tel-Aviv, Israel

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